What are iOS 14 Icons?

Widgets and Shortcuts in iOS 14 allow to completely transform the look of your mobile phone! With iOS 14 Icons you will be able to customize the app look and create a cohesive, artsy and calm feeling on your phone screens.


  • Declutters your screen - all of your apps and widgets will look professional and cohesive¬†
  • Decreases screen time - the absence of notification badges does not urge you to keep browsing and clicking through the apps, so you check your phone only when you need to!
  • Lowers fatigue - less screen time translates to being more productive and relaxed


1| App shortcuts briefly open the shortcuts app first
2| There are no notification badges on shortcut apps
3| You have to manually set each icon shortcut - it's super easy!

IOS14 App Icons Light Brown Aesthetic Icons Bundle IOS14 image 0

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